The Price of Greed

Title: The Price of Greed 千謊百計

The Price of Greed is an 20 episode Warehoused Series produced by TVB(2006). It has not been released in Hong Kong but available in rental stores overseas.

Cantonese Chin Fong Bak Kai

Genre: 1930s

Episodes: 20 Themesong: Sung by Bosco Wong


This series is about lies and deception. Kate is a rich girl who falls deeply in love with Sammul who is a conman; only interested in her money. Bosco is a police officier (who has a crush on Kate) investigating him, but cannot find enough evidence. Shirley plays a mute girl who has a crush on Bosco, but he only loves her as his little sister. Can Bosco stop Kate from marrying him before its too late?


* Bosco Wong
* Sammul Chan
* Kate Tsui
* Shirley Yeung as a Mute girl
* Vivien Yeo
* Kingdom Yeun
* Ben Wong
* Sam Chan as Kate's brother
* Mary Hon