Revolving Doors of Vengeance

Wong Yuk Ting is the Chairman of Royal Court Hotel. He has three sons; Kai Yip, Kai Chi, and Kai Kit. Kai Kit is Yuk Ting's second wife's (Mary Hon) son, therefore Kai Chi and Kai Yip don't like him very much. When Yuk Ting passes away, he leaves 40% of the company's share to Martin Ko Fung (Joe Ma). Fung makes Kit (Ron Ng) believe that he is a bad person by tricking Kit's mother into selling her 5% of the shares to him.

Kai Kit loves his mother very much and would do anything for her; hoever, he is also very hot-tempered and very easily aggravated. But after Martin tricked his mother, he became very angry and started to cooperate with his two brothers, and formed a close friendship with them.

Hoi Sum (Ella Koon) is a young girl who is not as wealthy as Kit and his family, she works at a fish market and was given the title "Mai Yu Mui" meaning "The Fish-Selling Girl". She becomes good friends with Kit and eventually falls in love with him.

Cheng Wing Fat (John Chiang) is Lau Dan's first wife's brother. He wants Royal Court Hotel all to himself. It turns out Becky Koo Bik Kay (Kenix Kwok) is working for him. However, Becky finds herself falling for Martin and decides she cannot betray him any longer. Since Becky was gone, Wing Fat started to use his daughter, Chloe or Ho Yi (Elaine Yiu). Chloe's job was to get on Kit's good side and tell her father everything she found out about his relationship with Martin.

Chloe succeeds and she becomes obsessive over Kit. She even gets him to believe that Hoi Sum is a bad person, therefore, Hoi Sum gets angry at Kit. Soon, Hoi Sum gets a job in the Philipines. The job was offered to her by a man who had developed a crush on her. This role was played by Raymond Cho.

As things begin to unravel and Kit finds out that Martin was following Yuk Ting's orders to get himself and his brothers to cooperate, the story was coming to an end. Kit finds that he is actually in love with Hoi Sum and he breaks up with Chloe. The series ends in a mass murder led by Wing Fat.


* Joe Ma as Martin Ko Fung
* Kenix Kwok as Becky Koo Bik Kay
* Ron Ng as Wong Kai Kit
* Ella Koon as Lee Hoi Sum
* Elaine Yiu as Chloe Cheng Ho Yi


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